Manufacturing process for round- and square-shaped briquettes

The raw material for wood briquettes is sawdust; no other substances have been added. The briquettes are manufactured through the sawdust being pressed together hydraulically. We use much of heat-treated sawdust which means that our production has a darker colour in comparison to the products of our competitors and it also has a higher level of heating value.

Square-shaped briquettes

1 piece has a weight of about 0.833 kg
12 pieces in a pack have a total weight of about 10 kg
On a pallet there are 6 rows, 96 packages, about 960 kg

For the manufacturing of our product, we use the best and most state-of-the-art press in Europe which is provided by the German company of Ruf.

This is what the machine looks like with which the sawdust is hydraulically pressed together. The machine has a main engine with a capacity of 18.5 kwh and additional engines with a capacity of 3.55 kwh providing a total pressing capacity of 300 bar; with a maximum of 1446 kg/cm2, about 6 pcs. are made per minute, with 1 pc. of wood briquette measuring W 150*H 600*D 900 mm.

The freshly manufactured briquettes come on this line for being packed in the next step.

Here, the ready-packed briquette loads may be seen. The result is formed by a fuel that is VERY DRY and thus has a high level of heating value; which requires very little storing space and is CLEAN, easy to handle and burns almost free of residues. The size of the package is 375 x 155 x 185 mm. Briketipoisid offers, by guarantee, the highest quality-wood briquettes in Scandinavia and the Baltic States. In our production only 7% humidity is contained, which means a high level of heating value amounting to 19.5 MJ/kg, which provides an advantage in comparison to the competition.

Round-shaped briquettes

1 piece has a weight of about 1.5 kg
9 pieces in a pack have a total weight of about 9 kg
On a pallet there are 18 rows, 108 packs, ca 970 kg

For the manufacturing of round-shaped wood briquettes, we use the high-quality German wood briquette press Adelmann BP650 tandem.

This is what our round-shaped wood briquette-manufacturing Adelmann BP650 mechanical briquette press looks like. The briquettes are pressed mechanically, with the power of the main engines’ total capacity of 55kW. The outcome of the press is formed by wood briquettes with a diameter of 65mm and which, in the process of cooling, will swell up by about 3 mm.

This is what the automatic packing line looks like, with which we do the packing of the small packages of round-shaped wood briquettes.

The picture shows round-shaped wood briquettes that have already been packed and loaded onto a pallet. In order to meet the demands of the market, Briketipoisid OÜ has started to produce these small packages of round-shaped wood briquettes. The product contains 7% of humidity, the heating value has a degree of 19.2 MJ/kg, the ash factor is 0.5%, thus of extremely high quality. The small package has a weight of about 9kg and is packed into a plastic cover with thermal contraction. The measures of the package are 390 x 410 x 68 mm.